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The chamber music for string quartet and piano

chamber music for string quartet and piano


September 2014: the last recording of Quintetto Bottesini featuring works of the french composer Louise Farrenc is published by Brilliant Classics

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The Quintetto Bottesini was created with the intent of rediscovering a rarely performed musical repertory of great interest that brings together violin, viola, cello, double-bass and piano, the instrumental ensemble, consecrated by Franz Schubert in his famous Die Forelle quintet (1819).

Beyond these compositions, the repertory of the Quintetto Bottesini features well-known quartets with piano (Mozart, Schumann, Brahms) and virtuoso pieces by Giovanni Bottesini, the renowned double-bass player, composer and conductor for whom the quintet is named. Moreover, the quintet performs pieces by the German composers Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) and Hermann Goetz (1840-1876), the Austrian composer Franz Limmer (1808 - 1857), the French composer George Onslow (1784 - 1853) and by Ralph Vaughan Williams, an English composer (1872 - 1958).

Of the contemporary repertory, the quintet performs pieces by Astor Piazzolla (Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas) and by various Italian composers such as Alessandro Solbiati, Fabrizio Festa, Stefano Taglietti and Raffaele Bellafronte, who have composed expressly for the ensemble. The ensemble is compound by Alessandro Cervo violin, Federico Stassi viola, Amedeo Cicchese cello, Roberto Della Vecchia double bass, Linda Di Carlo piano.

Invierno Porteno - Astor Piazzolla
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